• Complete New Hydraulic System Design/Review of existing systems

  • Power pack and piping layout drawings

  • New Hydraulic Products development like Variable Displacement Axial piston pumps for Aero applications

  • Hydraulic Auditing, Technical Support & Guidance during maintenance shutdown

  • Basic, Advanced and Customised Hydraulic In-House Training

  • Technical support for Lubrication and Pneumatic Systems

  • Business liaison and supplies of Hydraulic Products and Systems

Application Areas

Oil Drilling

Oil Drilling
  • Jacking systems like Continuous Jacking, Rack and Pinion Jacking, Fixation System
  • Heave Compensators like Active heave compensator, Rotary active heave compensator, Passive heave compensator, Motion compensation
  • Winch systems like Anchor and mooring winch, Towing winch, David/crane winch, Heave compensation winch
  • Drilling system like Riser Tensioner system, Top Drives, Shakers, BOP Handling systems, Iron roughneck, Mud pump, Pipe Handling systems, Power Tongs
  • Deck Mating system
  • Skidding System
  • Thruster System
  • Turret system
  • Offloading system
  • Chain Jack system
  • Drives for Top head, mud pumps, draw works, power swivel, rotary table, coiled tubing, crude oil pump


  • Dredgers
  • Winch Drives
  • Steering Gears
  • Rudder Systems
  • Stabilizers
  • Hatch Covers
  • Deck Cranes


  • Earth moving equipments like dumper, dozer, excavator
  • Agricultural machineries
  • Material handling equipments like cranes, wagon tippler, stacker reclaimer, sidearm charger
  • Construction equipments
  • automotive equipments
  • Drill rigs


  • Steel - hotstrip mill, blast furnace, cold rolling mill, continuous casting
  • Aluminium -  extrusion plants, anodizing
  • Cement - vertical roller mill, coolers, coal mill, cement mill, crushers, kiln
  • Power (Thermal - conveyors, turbines -- Hydropower - damgate --- Nuclear - turbines)
  • Windmill - brake and blade pitch
  • Sugar - drive for mills.
  • Other industries - injection moulding machines, machine tools like presses, semiconductor industry


  • Retraction and extension of landing gear 
  • Primary control boosters 
  • Sweep back and forth of wings 
  • Opening and closing doors and hatchways 
  • Automatic pilot and gun turrets 
  • Shock absorption systems and valve lifter systems 
  • Dive, landing, speed and flap brakes 
  • Pitch changing mechanism, spoilers on flaps 
  • Bomb bay doors and bomb displacement gears 
  • Ground support services equipments

Cement Plants

  • Vertical roller mill
  • Coolers
  • Coal mill
  • Cement mill
  • Crushers
  • Kiln