Hydraulic Training

We conduct customized in-house training courses for various levels - from field level technicians to Executive management. We have conducted courses over 200 programs globally for various leading companies. We cater to Indian, Middle-East and United States markets. We are faculty members for reputed multinational hydraulic and pneumatic manufacturers.

We specialize in customized in-house courses for the following industries

  • Aerospace
  • Cement
  • Steel Plants
  • Marine
  • Material Handling
  • Oil Drilling

Sample 3-Day Customized Course Material

Module - I

  • An introduction to Hydraulics – Basic and Principles
  • Symbols
  • Pumps – types, functions and operations
  • Pressure Controls, purposes, types and operation.
  • Flow controls – purposes, types and operations.

Module - II

  • Directional control valves, purposes, types and operations both for industrial and mobile application.

Module - III

  • Hydraulic Access like Strainers, Filters Accumulators, Heat exchanger.
  • Power packs and its construction.
  • Hydraulic oil and its characteristics.

Module - IV

  • Hydraulic cylinders, Hydraulic motors etc
  • Hydraulic circuits – applications and case studies using calculations and work out

Module - V

  • Cartridge Valves – Various types, functions and various circuit build up.
  • Proportional Valves – Various types, functions and various circuit build up.
  • Closed loop latest sophisticated, Servo valves.

Module - VI

  • Analysis of existing problems related to Hydraulics in your Equipment’s and possible expertise guidelines to solve the problems / solutions and based on our nearly three decades of Industrial Hydraulic Practicing experience. Will discuss further if any improvement required on your systems and later, we can also follow up with periodical auditing.